Bescom bill amount online dating

You can de-register a standing instruction (SI) on Citibank Online.This will ensure no further bills are processed for the biller.Once a confirmation is received from your biller on successful registration, you will be notified via SMS & Email alerts.

Some insurance billers insist that premium is paid at least 5 days before due date.After logging into Citibank Online, you can select Bill Pay link under the Banking or Credit Card menu.In Citibank Online, we have various categories of billers like Electricity, Mobile, Telephone, Mutual Funds, Donations, Gas, Water etc.However if you have already made a payment using one-time payment option in Citibank Online, you will have to get in touch with the biller directly to check if the biller supports cancellation of payment.

In most cases, the funds should reflect in your Billers account within 2 working days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays).Please note: You will continue to receive your physical bill which you normally get from your biller even after registering for Bill service with the Bank.


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