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Description: Subscribe to Huff Post Live Today: Watch More HPL Here: **** More Below **** Actress Garcelle Beauvais joins Jess in-studio to talk about her relationship with Jamie Foxx and what it was like to reunite with him on "White House Down".

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After being with him for 9 years and twin boys later, she found that he was not who he said he was.

He received an “I love you” text on his phone, and that changed everything, especially since it was not from her or anyone she knew.

She thought she won the lotto when it came to husbands and everything that Mike did for her and her son.

She was single and trying to be careful about who she met and spent her time with. Even the papers published what was going on in her life and this made matters worse, since she was already depressed and now everyone knew about it.



After her parents divorced, Garcelle and her six elder siblings moved with their mother to the United States, first to Massachusetts and later to Miami.

Even though she has been through two divorces, three kids and one long, successful career; she’d change nothing she says. Even though she started her career off right with the Jamie Foxx show, she was in the middle of a divorce from her first husband, leaving her a single mom with a show to be a part of.

However, it was then that she met the CAA talent agent, Mike Nilon.

She just wanted to borrow his phone to call her mom, and through that one text, it changed everything between them. She felt hopeless and like she was stupid for even believing in him.


However, she turned her life around by going to therapy, getting a life coach and making sure that she could parent and co-parent next to him.Beauvais also modeled in catalogs for Lerner New York Clothing Line, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom and walked the catwalk for Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi.


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