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But this kind of artistic and cultural diversity is ultimately a testament to the talent and creativity that exists within the Asian American community.When it comes to Asian American "art," it is perhaps the performing arts and Asian American entertainers who are the most visible.


Even back in the 1970s, Maxine Hong Kingston's won the prestigious National Book Critics Circle Award.Hopefully, this situation will be less of a problem once we have more Asian American writers, directors, and producers.The recent success of directors such as Ang Lee (, 1997 Oscar for Best Documentary) are encouraging and will hopefully lead to more diverse and accurate portrayals of Asian Americans.The world of Asian American art contains just as much diversity, creative expression, and talent as that of Asian American literature.


Unfortunately, it is an area in which I know very little.

When it comes to culture for any ethnic group, some of the most recognizable elements come in the form of art, literature, and entertainment.



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    მოზარდი უეიდ უოტსი, მხიარულად ატარებს დროს ვირტუალურ სამყაროში, „ოაზისში“ მცხოვრები მილიონობით ადამიანების მსგავსად.

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