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We did not expect the new president to move so swiftly, but in under 90 days he’d sacked Isabel dos Santos and got José Filomeno dos Santos under control: he should not last much longer because he’s recently been implicated in the Panama Papers scandal.Two other children - Welwitschia and José Paulinos dos Santos - were in charge of two private companies, Westside and Semba Comunicações, which had a US million contract with the state to run public TV service Channel 2.Some cases are starting to arise, including some that affect the former president’s family interests.Isobel dos Santos, the richest woman in Africa, is also being sued abroad.Instead of looking for confrontation, as we had to do in the past, we have started to propose ideas, especially on social media.This is because to cast an image of himself as more democratic and open to modern society, the new president has official accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as do the Minister of Communication and the Governor of the capital city, Luanda.But now they have lost the contract and Semba Comunicações has closed.


Geologically, it is located at terrains of the Sinú folded belt, a tectonically active sedimentary wedge evolving under the morphogenetic influence of numerous onshore and offshore manifestations of mud diapirism. During the dry season (December–April), the zone is under the influences of the N–NE Trade winds that generate swells with wave periods between 6 and 9 s and significant wave heights up to 2 m.

These waves are strongly modified by the serrated contours of the coastline and are rapidly eroding the beaches and littoral rocky formations of the area.

During the wet season, the trade winds are replaced by lighter, 2–4 m/s, S to SW winds that generate seas with significant wave heights of up to 0.6 m.

As part of the state’s repression of civil society, in 2015, 15 young activists were arrested and detained for taking part in a group that discussed a book on liberation. After six years of struggle aimed at our President, José Eduardo dos Santos - who when we started had been in power for 32 years, and in 2017 marked 38 years in power - he finally did not run for the presidency again. I was born under dos Santos, and finally I have a second president.

The group were held in poor conditions, mistreated and, after an unfair trial, found guilty of rebellion. It’s the same regime and the same party that has been in power for 42 years, so we were not expecting the new president to act against his predecessors.

We decided that to get our ideas working, we first needed to liberate ourselves from totalitarian rule.


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    Mr Taylor called for a change in the law to create a new status of 'dependant contractors' working flexibly for new firms.

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