Updating sheet list in excel

In my last post – about Excel-based dashboards – one of my tips was to always create a Settings sheet. If not, make a new worksheet called Lookups (or Settings or Tim Is Awesome…the name of the worksheet doesn’t really matter). Tip: In practice, when I’m creating high/medium/low-type lists, I often wind up adding a number to them: 1 – High / 2 – Medium / 3 – Low. After making the initial list, turn it into an Excel table: The result, if you’re using the default Excel sheet, looks something like this: You can adjust the table style if you like (I usually do), but that’s not strictly necessary.



This ensures that data values entered through your App Sheet application conform to the same rules as data values entered directly into your worksheet.I use in-cell dropdowns a lot when I’m making a list of things and I want to classify the values in the list.



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